• Microbial Robotics (formerly Bacterial Robotics) is an evolutionary engineering firm
    Developing genetically enhanced organisms to solve problems and develop products.
  • Why We Do What We Do
    By using synthetic biology we can mimic what happens via Natural Selection. This biomimicry approach allows us to clean water, reduce disease, grow foods, provide non-polluting fuels, produce therapeutics, and develop new materials.
  • Solutions to Complex Problems
    BactoBots are protected from theft (cloning) and environmental release with a genetics rights management (GeRM™) system. If the consumable, non-polluting molecular keys are not present in the feedstock, the BactoBots self destruct starting with their DNA and RNA. As a result, the GeRM system is similar to the digital rights management (DRM) system found in the software and digital content industries.
  • Pilus Energy
    Our first subsidiary, Pilus Energy, is focused on delivering its bacterial robot to clean industrial customer “wastes” by transforming them into value. This waste-to-value proposition provides customers with substantial revenue-generating and cost-saving opportunities.

A global biotechnology firm, Microbial Robotics (formerly Bacterial Robotics) develops synthetic biology products using patented and proprietary technologies.  The Company develops enhanced bacteria (BactoBots™) and viruses (ViruBots™).  These organism-based “bots” produce, build, sense, and perform functions for the water, energy, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.  When a BactoBot™ or ViruBot™ is developed, its proof-of-concept, product development plan, and intellectual property is placed into a subsidiary.  That subsidiary gains an acquiring market expert for productization and commercialization.

The Company's biotechnology products are protected by a consumable genetics rights management (GeRM™) system.  The GeRM system is a consumable additive that prevents theft or release.